First to hire 3 people in one turn (+2 mgmt)
First to train (-$15 salaries)
First billboard placed (eternal marketing)
First burger marketed (+$5 for burgers)
First pizza marketed (+$5 for pizzas)
First drink marketed (+$5 for drinks)
First airplane campaign (+2 slots)
First radio campaign (radios advertise 2x)
First waitress played (+$2 waitresses)
First to lower prices (-$1 unit price)
First to throw away food (can store food)
First errand boy played (buyers +1 drink)
First cart operator played (buyers +1 range)
First pizza produced (free pizza cook)
First burger produced (free burger cook)
First to have $20 (look at reserve)
First to pay $20 in salaries (train multiple)
First to $100 (+50% revenue)

Pricing Managers
Discount Managers

Unit Price: $10
No Garden Garden
Total Revenue: $0

HR and Recruiter discounts?
Salaried workers?

Salaries: $0

Options and Tips
  • If the buttons are not very responsive, try zooming all the way out, or use a different browser. If you're using Safari on iOS, adding this page to your home screen and launching from there may help.
  • To resolve dinnertime quickly:
    For each house:
    Everyone counts their distance to house.
    Everyone adds this distance to their unit price.
    Everyone announces their result.
    Lowest number gets the sale; takes the demand tokens (keep garden and non-garden separate).

    After all the houses are resolved, enter the appropriate numbers in the "Dinnertime" section to compute revenue.
  • If you want to use the same device for multiple players, open up another tab for each player. You can enter a new title for this page here:
  • BGG thread for comments, bugs and suggestions
  • Contribute: Gitlab

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